How to Prepare for Your Session

How to Prepare for Your Session

Thank you so much for choosing Worldly Visions as your vacation photographers! We know you will love spending the day with your friends and family without having to worry about getting photos of the adventure, and even more, you’ll love looking through them later and seeing that you are in the picture, not behind the camera!


There are a few things to consider before we get shooting. The following tips will help you prepare for your session with Worldly Visions so you get the absolute best results.

Please Do:

Try to get adequate rest the night before. While we will never judge you for how you spend your vacation, your photos will tell the story of your previous night’s exploits if you’re hungover or exhausted.

Look your best. Whether that means a special outfit, makeup, hair styling, or just taking a shower, you will appreciate the effort you made when you look through your photos later. Prepare for your photo shoot like you are the star, because you are!

Eat, if at all possible. We realize sometimes eating takes a backseat to just getting out the door, but the more comfortable you make yourself before your shoot, the more your personality will shine in your photos — and the less shoot time will be spent on grabbing something to eat. Protein bars and fruit are a great holdover until you get to a more substantial meal if you’re running short on time.

Be on time — even a little early — to the meeting point assigned by your photographer. Remember, your session begins at the time you’ve selected, so if you want to go over things beforehand, allow enough time before your shoot starts to do so.

Bring an umbrella if it’s rainy, and a hat if it’s sunny (Protip: If it’s summer, it will probably be both). In many cases, we can keep shooting when it’s raining, and an umbrella can help create some fun and interesting images. You can still bring a poncho to stay dry if you like. Conversely, if the sun is overhead, a wide brim over your eyes and careful positioning by your photographer will keep you from squinting and making awkward faces in your photos.

Be silly! While we will definitely get those nice, posed portraits or group photos, the purpose of your session with Worldly Visions is to capture you being yourself and the fun you’re having with family and friends. Don’t be afraid to ham it up!

Be patient. There are many factors a photographer takes into consideration when composing a photo, and they may need a few moments to take test shots or configure settings. The time you wait will never be unreasonable, and you will never be expected to hold uncomfortable poses or remain still or silent while these adjustments are being made.

Tell your photographer your ideas for photos. Our photographers have a good eye and aim to capture the best angles and moments, but we love when creativity comes from our clients as well. If there’s a shot you’ve always wanted to get or something you saw you’d like to try to recreate, we are all for giving it a shot!


Please Do Not:

Be late. Everyone’s time is precious, and should be respected by all parties. Prepare for your session in regard to time just like you would any other appointment.

Expect your photographer to act as your tour guide. Our photographers are generally familiar with theme parks, nature parks, and other locations in the greater Orlando area, but that does not mean they will be planning your itinerary.

Photobomb people being photographed. There are times when this type of photo will be appropriate, such as when taking candid photos, but if the photographer has people posed for an image, please stay out of the photo unless you’re asked to join.

Try to handle the photographer’s equipment. Leave the tech stuff to us — you just focus on having the time of your life!

Misbehave. If there are rules and regulations for the particular destination in which we’ll be shooting, follow them. If there aren’t, assign yourself the responsibility of being courteous to your group, to other visitors, and of course, to your photographer.

Be afraid to ask questions or voice concerns before your shoot! We check our email regularly and can easily schedule a phone call if there’s anything you’d like to discuss. We are ultimately executing your vision, so if you have any of your own dos and don’ts, you can absolutely feel free to share them with us. We will always strive to accommodate your wishes.