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Your squad looks amazing, so get some amazing images!

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You put your all into your festival costumes, makeup, and accessories, so why not be treated like a star for your efforts? When the squad gets into their best costumery, dark, grainy camera phone pictures just won't cut it -- you want sharp, high quality images. From group shots at camp to following you around for part of your festival adventure, you can be sure we'll capture the memories you'll be sharing for years to come.

Document all the hard work put in to making a festival

If you're an artist displaying your work, a band performing for your first time, or even the festival media team, we'd love to shoot your part of the festival! We love shooting art, people, festivals, and people at art festivals, so we can capture the kinds of images you're looking for with our professional artistic eye. We can even process batches quickly so you can share with your social media audiences during the event instead of having to wait!

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