Convention Photography Services


Designing a booth costs time and money – capture your hard work to send to your boss or share online.


Your sales staff are in one place which makes this an incredible opportunity for updated headshots.


After hours events are a great chance to capture images of your staff engaging with clients.


Bringing family to enjoy Orlando attractions before or after your event? We capture that too!


After countless hours spent designing your convention booth and thousands of dollars actually getting it setup, is a camera phone picture really what you want?

Having been exhibitors at and attendees of conventions, we understand the tricky lighting situations in most exhibit halls. We use professional-grade equipment and meticulous post-processing to ensure that your hard work can be displayed beautifully.

We’re also able to work with your specific needs! If you have a seminar room, we can capture any displays you’ve setup. If you’d like to post these images to your website or social media during your convention, we offer optional 24 hour turnaround.


Your sales staff should have their professional headshots updated at least once a year. There’s no better time to handle this than at your annual convention!

We setup in a convenient location so that your staff isn’t away from the booth for extended periods of time. As these aren’t high-end fashion photography, we can have an employee in and out in about five minutes!

We shoot several pictures and let your employee pic their favorite, then do any necessary post-processing before sending the high resolution digital file to you. Not only do we bring all of the necessary photography equipment, we also have a model coach who can help to make sure your staff member looks amazing.


If you’re hosting an event – anything from a cocktail hour for customers on the showroom floor to a formal staff dinner after hours – professional photos are great to share on your website or social media.

From candid shots of everyone enjoying themselves to staged photos with props, we have you covered. Not only will you get great images, your employees and customers will love working with us because we perfectly blend fun with professional.

If you’d like to share these images online during or immediately after your event, we offer rapid turnaround options.


One thing that sets Orlando apart from other popular convention cities like Las Vegas and Chicago is our abundance of family-friendly attractions!

Many conventions offer discounted after-hours theme park passes, and a lot of employees extend their trips to enjoy time with their families. Theme park family photography is one of our most enjoyed opportunities to shoot!

We offer a discounted rate on our one hour photoshoots for convention attendees extending your trip, just click the button below, fill out the short form, and you’ll be sent a discount code.

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